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We are a young company that has extensive experience in the field of logistics, construction and real estate.

Planning, Control and Management

Starting with small private firms whose representatives are small business entrepreneurs and ending with large companies can not do without the logistics and services provided by logistics companies. Since it depends on the logistics, both communication and the entire infrastructure depends. If you want something to deliver and transfer from one point of the world to another, then you will certainly contact the high-class specialists of your business who will ensure you and delivery, transportation and documentation at objective prices. You solve all these questions at once by contacting us.

With the increase in population, the need for housing increases. Along with this, the need arises for the development of the construction industry. Construction is not just an area of ​​activity that provides people with housing, or apartments for running their own business, it's an art that, where masterpieces of world architecture are created. Want to see everything in reality, contact us and you will be convinced of our professional approach to each of our clients, as they say about tastes do not argue, which means that each of you will get something that he will like.

Real estate is not business but science. You will ask why? Because we offer not only what you want, but what you did not even think about until this day, did not try to live differently, in another atmosphere, it is always worthwhile to try something new. And we are ready to offer this new to you with confidence that you will not only feel more comfortable but also be happy.


Our works, executed with a professional approach and creative ideas

Types of logistics

There are five main types of logistics:
Purchasing, production, distribution, transport, information

Types of construction

There are six main types of construction:
Industrial, transport, civil, military, hydrotechnical, hydromeliorative

Types of real estate

There are eight main types of real estate:
Land sites, subsoil plots, isolated water bodies, forests, perennial plantations, buildings, constructions, Construction in progress.

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